Broad Match Modifier without spaces in Google Ads

I am recently working for a company with heavy spending in Google Ads SEM.

In the keyword list, I find that there are huge list of keywords in this pattern:

They were using a digital marketing agency until I joined, and I find that they use a lot of BMM (Broad Match Modifier). This is good but somehow lazy in my opinion. Anyway I am not going deep into Broad Match Modifier vs Phrase Match debate today.


The digital marketing agency setup many keyword targeting similar to this.

This is my first time to see such a targeting – I actually find it nonsense

+Google +is +good

I always target BMM keywords like this.

The “No Space” version actually receives impression so I wonder if this really works. Thus, I googled and found this post on Google Ads Community:

The right way to use BMM is adding space to each term.

Digital Agency…hmmm..