July 24, 2009

For-loop with two counting variables

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Perma Link: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/1172553/php-for-loop-with-2-variables/1172565#1172565

for ($i=0, $k=10; $i<=10 ; $i++, $k--) {
    echo "Var " . $i . " is " . $k . "<br>";

Gumbo, Author of this code snippet:
The two variables $i and $k are initialized with 0 and 10 respectively. 
At the end of each each loop $i will be incremented by one ($i++) and $k decremented by one ($k—).
So $i will have the values 0, 1, …, 10 and $k the values 10, 9, …, 0.


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